Chevelle Concert – We’re Going to Sick New World in Vegas!

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On November 11, 2022, Chevelle made this announcement on Facebook:

Las Vegas is pretty far from Philly, but look at this lineup! We’ve never traveled this far *just* to go to a concert, but this one is so good.

Of course, my husband and I hemmed and hawed about going. We finally made a decision to go, but the tickets sold out fast.

This is what happens when you don’t make quick decisions about things! It’s exactly like the issue we had with the Ocean City, MD concert too!

But it’s OK.

I like to think of these types of things as interesting challenges for the Universe to solve. 😆 

Once the decision was made to go, I set out on my planning rampage.

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Not really. There’s only been 1 step to planning this so far. And that is, to get on the waitlist.

Now my job for the next however-long-it-takes is to imagine that email coming in that says we’ve got our tickets. All 4.

We’re bringing the kids too. (Relax. They’re 16 and 18. They can handle it.)

Chevelle is expecting us. At least, that’s what I like to tell myself.

And yes, we’re also excited to see some of the other bands. Does anyone even know Stabbing Westward these days? They were a favorite of ours back in the day and then they completely disappeared.

We walked into our wedding reception to one of their songs. I’ve got to dust off my autographed CD and give it a good listen before we go to Vegas.

(I’m assuming that we’re going because we HAVE to.)

Now, let me know if you’re going to Sick New World in Vegas on May 13, 2023. Do you have tickets? Are you on the waitlist?

Let me know in the comments below.

In the meantime, I’ll update this post as things progress!

Update #1

Well, there’s only one update so far. We booked our hotel.

And here’s the thing. On the Sick New World page, you can book a hotel and get guaranteed tickets.

But it would have been DOUBLE the price versus buying the tickets and booking the hotel separately.

However, there are no tickets! Except for third-party resellers and they also charge an arm and a leg.

(It’s a little frustrating to have to go through resellers in the first place. They seemed to have scooped all the regular tickets up right away. Ticket sellers need to do something about this issue.)

So, we’re still on the waitlist.

I tried contacting Sick New World via their Facebook page. I really just want to know what the chances are of them releasing more tickets.


Amazing customer service. 🙄

We’ll figure something out.

I’ll keep you posted.

(Not that anyone is actually reading this right now. But it makes me feel better to document it. haha)

Update #2

It happened.

The email came through.

We are officially going to Sick New World to see Chevelle (and some other bands)!

The last step we need to do is book our flights.

I’m pretty excited about this, but I’ll try to hold it together. In the meantime, once we’re there, I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures to post on this site.

Let me know if you’ll also be there. Leave me a comment below!

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