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I Get It is from Chevelle’s 2007 album, Vena Sera. This album has a bunch of other awesome songs like The FadHumanoidStraight Jacket FashionBrainiacSaturdays, and Well Enough Alone.

We’re going to start with David Heretic’s reaction. David is a straight shooter, and he tells you exactly how he feels about a song. This makes me a little nervous because I love Chevelle so much and I never want someone to dislike them. lol.

However, I was pleasantly surprised when David gave Self Destructor high marks, so perhaps he’ll do it again? Watch to find out.

Chevelle Reactions | I Get It | David Heretic

Chevelle Reactions | I Get It | The Music Recording Network

Chevelle Reactions | I Get It | LEE REACTS – INFINITE REACTIONS

Chevelle Reactions | I Get It | Unfiltered Reactions

What do you think of I Get It? Is it one of your favorite Chevelle songs? I have seen many Chevelle fans say Vena Sera is their favorite album. Where do you place it in your favorites? Let’s debate about it in the comments.

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