Chevelle Reactions | The Clincher

The Clincher is from Chevelle’s third album, This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In), which came out on September 21, 2004. September 21 happens to be my birthday, so I’m pretty sure this means something.

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The Clincher has caused quite a controversy in my household.

My husband AND my daughter have both formed an alliance against me to say that The Clincher is a better song than my #1 favorite Chevelle song.

No. Way.

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Let’s see what these YouTubers think about The Clincher in these reaction videos.

The Clincher | Chevelle Reaction | Vinand Sori

The Clincher | Chevelle Reaction | No Limit Twon

The Clincher | Chevelle Reaction | INFINITE MUSIC REACTIONS – Lee Reacts

The Clincher | Chevelle Reaction | Teez McGee

The Clincher | Chevelle Reaction | David Heretic

OK, after listening to this song again while watching these reactions, it is pretty damn good. (But what Chevelle song isn’t?) With that said, it still doesn’t come close to my #1 Chevelle song. Sorry!

Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think of The Clincher. Is it your favorite Chevelle song? If not, what is? Let me know!

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