Chevelle Reactions | Don’t Fake This

This one is an ode to Lauren from Music, Cats, and Coffee. I appreciate you because you’re willing to do Chevelle reactions for songs that aren’t their most popular. You see a lot of reactors who just do The Red, Self Destructor, and maybe Send the Pain Below. All good songs, but Chevelle has so many more in their library!

And Lauren is one of the few to explore those other songs. Well done!

Anyway, here’s her reaction to Don’t Fake This, which is off of the album Wonder What’s Next.

(Unfortunately, this YouTube video won’t embed, so you’ll have to do it the old-school way and click on the link.)

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Where does Don’t Fake This fit into your list of top Chevelle songs? Let me know what you think of it (and Wonder What’s Next) in the comments below.

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