Chevelle Reactions | Choking Game

Choking Game is from Chevelle’s album La Gargola, and it’s one of my favorite songs. It’s (at the time of this writing) #3 on my Top 22 favorite Chevelle songs.

Not only do I think this song is catchy, but it’s also one of their more fast-paced songs, which I happen to like.

One brave soul out there created a reaction video to this off-the-beaten-path Chevelle tune. Thank you, Reactor Core!

This reaction also covers Ouija Board, which happens to be my #2 favorite Chevelle song. So, when you head to the Ouija Board reaction page, you’ll see the same video.

I am hoping more reaction channels will check out these awesome songs! If so, I’ll update these pages.

In the meantime, check out Reactor Core’s reaction to Choking Game.

Choking Game | Chevelle Reaction | Reactor Core

Let me know what you thought of this reaction and whether or not you like Choking Game. Is it one of your favorites? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments.

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