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Comfortable Liar is from Chevelle’s second album, Wonder What’s Next. Some might say this is their best album.

Wonder What’s Next also has Family System, Send the Pain Below, Closure, The Red, Don’t Fake This, and five more incredible songs. It’s classic Chevelle. This is the album that most people think of when they think of Chevelle.

Comfortable Liar is in my Top 22 favorite songs, and it also happens to be the song I chose for the name of this site. I bet you noticed that. Why did I choose this one? Three reasons:

  1. The domain was available.
  2. This is an iconic Chevelle song.
  3. It’s easy for us Chevelle fans to remember.

Now, let’s see what some YouTubers think about Comfortable Liar.

Comfortable Liar | Chevelle Reaction | Music, Cats, and Coffee

Comfortable Liar | Chevelle Reaction | Fish Out of Water Series

What do you think of Comfortable Liar? Does it fit somewhere in your top 10 (or top 22)? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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