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Maybe this is crazy (and I always welcome debates in the comments), but Jawbreaker is my #4 favorite song in my Top 22. In fact, #4, #3, and #2 all come from the album La Gargola. Under the Knife is also in my Top 22, and I kind of regret not putting it a little higher.

I think I love these songs so much because they are heavier and faster-paced than a lot of Chevelle’s earlier songs.

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Some may argue that Chevelle has a kind of magic in their slower-paced songs, and that’s where their expertise lies. I don’t completely disagree with that. That’s why The Red and Send the Pain Below were such big hits.

I just love faster-paced songs. These are the songs I turn all the way up in my car (or in my AirPods when I’m out for a run).

And as I’ve mentioned, I love almost all of Chevelle’s songs, and making a Top 22 list was almost impossible. I thought about the songs and how much I enjoyed listening to them and which ones I wanted to listen to multiple times.

But, please. I welcome debates in the comments. Debates are good. (Plus, Google will like my site more if there’s engagement on it, and debates create engagement.)

Now that you know that inside secret…

I was able to find a couple of reaction videos for Jawbreaker. I really hope more YouTubers will check it out eventually!

Jawbreaker | Chevelle Reaction | Trash Talkers

Jawbreaker | Chevelle Reaction | Music, Cats, and Coffee

Tell me what you think about Jawbreaker and about La Gorgola. Do you like this album as much as I do? Leave a comment below.

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