Chevelle Reactions | Closure

Closure is on Chevelle’s 2nd album, Wonder What’s Next.

Wonder What’s Next is probably Chevelle’s most popular album and for good reason. It’s got The Red, Comfortable Liar, Send the Pain Below, and Family System just to name a few. The whole album is fantastic!

It’s probably Chevelle’s best album. (Is it your favorite album? Vote here!)

Let’s see what these YouTubers have to say about Closure.

Closure | Chevelle Reaction | NathanBrownActor

Closure | Chevelle Reaction | Peace Dora Reacts

What do you think of Closure? Do you consider it the best Chevelle song?

For me, I think it’s an incredibly great song, but it’s not in my Top 22 favorites. Why? #1. There are too many good Chevelle songs to choose from. #2. I like faster songs.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave me a comment below and tell me where Closure fits in your top 10 (or 22) favorite songs.

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