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One Lonely Visitor is a song from the 2002 album Wonder What’s Next. I’ll be honest. I didn’t even know this song existed until recently.

And it’s because when my husband downloaded Wonder What’s Next, he seemed to have skipped this song. So when I was researching all the songs from this album to see which reactions I still needed to look for, I saw this one and I was so confused.

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One Lonely Visitor is a slow, acoustic ballad and that’s probably why my husband skipped it. Slow songs aren’t really our jam.

We like to rock, after all.

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But, I’m really happy Lauren from Music, Cats, and Coffee decided to give it a listen (and a reaction) because it means that I’ll have reactions for every song from Wonder What’s Next. A complete album!

Thanks, Lauren!

Let’s see what she thought of it.

One Lonely Visitor | Chevelle Reaction | Music, Cats, and Coffee

What do you think of One Lonely Visitor? What’s your favorite song from Wonder What’s Next? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

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