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I’m writing this before 5 AM in the morning, and let me tell you…if you have any trouble waking up in the morning, just throw An Island on.

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An Island is off of the album La Gárgola, which came out in 2014. This is a song that I regret not putting on my Top 22 list. I have some songs piling up now that I regret not putting in my Top 22, but that’s what happens as you listen to more Chevelle songs more often.

La Gárgola has quite a few of my favorite songs. It might be my favorite album, but I’m not ready to make that commitment yet. Because Wonder What’s Next exists, and that’s hard to beat.

Let’s see what these YouTubers think of An Island.

An Island | Chevelle Reaction | Music, Cats, and Coffee

An Island | Chevelle Reaction | Steph n Jay The Sippingtons Lee

What do you think of An Island? Do you think it’s one of the best Chevelle songs? What’s your favorite song? You can pick on this poll, or let me know in the comments below!

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